The land

Every tree has a story to tell...

The first olive trees of which nowadays the harvest yields GALATIANO came from the grafting of the famous Koroneiki variety upon self-shown wild olive trees, which the namesake grandfather of the owner of GALATIANO transplanted over the Galata hill from the banks of the historical inland Achaean castle of Listrina, wherein enclosed the residents of his ancestral settlement “Grecka” strongly resisted around the year 1205 against the first Frankish descent down to the Roman (Greek) Peloponnese.

The certified organic olive crop out of the Koroneiki variety of Galata hill, along with the Koutsourelea-variety crop of strictly selected certified olive groves from Galata and from the vicinal hills, makes up the olive harvest from which we get GALATIANO.

The hill-shaped olive groves of GALATIANO, featuring well-effective drainage and all-around availability of sunlight without shadowing throughout the whole year, create ideal conditions for the olive harvest quality to be indeed the best possible!