The production

Matching Quality with Tradition...

Olive oil production and packing are thoroughly monitored from the time olive-picking begins until a bottle of GALATIANO is ready for dispatch to your table.

The certified organic cultivators are strictly selected with regard to reliability and consistency towards their Organic Farming commitment, as well as to the stability of their production quality. The selected olive producers are thereafter closely supervised to ensure that no wounding or any other degrading is caused to the harvest by the utilised olive-picking techniques, and that the means used for its transportation and maintenance until commencement of the pressing process are made of natural materials leaving on the crop no synthetic residues (plasticisers) or other undesirable contaminations.

The harvest is pressed within 24 hours from olive picking, by percolation or centrifugation of the olive paste and at a temperature below 27°C for the cold-extracted GALATIANO Elegance, GALATIANO Purity, and GALATIANO Superior, in oil-press units properly certified for organic olive-oil production. Final selection of the produced olive oil takes place only after chemical quality analysis by an accredited laboratory, and due care is taken to minimise the period of temporary maintenance in plastic containers until transfusion into the stainless long-preservation tanks.

The room temperature for olive oil storage and processing, as well as for the storage of the final packed product, is kept below 24°C.

Our firm abidance by the above procedure ensures optimal preservation and transfer of the harvested nutritional quality potential to the final product, which thereby features α unique as well level of purity.